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Proprietary Hemp Extract - Green Label (Raw) - 1 Gram

No additives. Extracted right from the hemp plant. 1 gram = 30 servings. Recommended rice size amount drop/1-2x daily. Safely increase or decrease as needed. If too much is consumed, there may be stomach discomfort, as with all oil-based products. Green Label - Raw - Entourage Effect, CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil. Paste like substance. Extracted and packaged, no heating or filtering. Full-spectrum, whole plant oil. Various Cannabinoids and Terpenes in the Raw Version.

150-180 mg/syringe. <0.3% THC Content.

Purpose for Use 
Neurological Disorders, Overall Mind Health; Clarity, Clutter Free, Relaxed. Chronic Pain and Stiffness, Sleep Apnea, Behavior Issues.

Dispense rice sized amount onto finger or spoon, place under tongue. Keep under tongue for 60-90 seconds. Swallow remaining. Repeat 1-2x per day.


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