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Bluebird Botanicals Companion Blend - 1 oz - 250+ MG/Bottle

Wellness Supplement and Preventative for Pets. Keep your pet covered in all stages of it's life. Start with .5ml/15 drops (1 Serving). Increase for desired effect. Do not exceed 15 servings per day (7.5ml). For Pet Use ONLY.

250+mg/Bottle.  .04% THC Content.

Purpose for Use
Support Overall Health, Relieve Pains, Anxiety, Inflammation, Neurological and Anti-Aging Preventative. Cardiovascular and Digestion Health, Relaxation, and Cognitive and Memory Functions. Keeps Pets Alert, Active, and Healthy for as Long as Possible.

.5ml/15 drops per day. Increase as needed.

Hemp and Hemp Seed Oil Extracts.

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