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Alternate Vape Pre-Filled Mint CBD Vape Cartridge - 1 mL

Peppermint, refreshing breath mint flavor. Made with MCT oil base instead of VG/PG. Healthier alternative. Please check Vaporizer has a voltage of 3.9V or lower. Do not take more than 3 puffs in quick succession or risk damaging the coil. CBD oil could taste burnt if this happens. 300-500 puffs per pre-filled cartridge. Throw away when done (usually do not function well when refilled more than 1-2 times).

250mg CBD per Cartridge. 0% THC Content.

Purpose for Use
Maintain Overall Health, Eases Side Effects of Diseases, Illnesses, and Ailments, Neurological Disorders, Stress, Joint Pain, High Blood Pressure, etc.

Remove rubber cap and twist cartridge onto vape pen. Secured so it doesn't leak. Use as needed.

MCT (Fractionated Coconut) Oil, CBD, Terpenes.

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