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CBD Oils & Concentrates

Proprietary Hemp Extract 1 Gram - Blue Label - 150-180 MG/Syringe

No additives. Extracted right from the hemp plant. 1 gram = 30 servings. Recommended rice size amount drop/1-2x daily. Safely increase or decrease as needed. If too much is consumed, there may be stomach discomfort, as with all oil-based products. Blue Label - CO2 Extracted + decarboxylated hemp oil. Taking Raw version, heating it up to a controlled temp (decarboxylation), Getting the most phytonutrients possible without filtering the oil.

150-180 mg/syringe. <0.3% THC Content.

Purpose for Use 
Moderate Anxiety, Neurological Disorders, Pain, Soreness, Sleep Apnea, Behavior Issues, Stress.

Dispense rice sized amount onto finger or spoon, place under tongue. Keep under tongue for 60-90 seconds. Swallow remaining. Repeat 1-2x per day.


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