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CBD Oils & Concentrates

Active CBD Oil - 25% Gold CBD Oil - 1 Gram

Can add to food or beverage (with understanding oil is non-soluble) Concentrate/CO2 Extract - If too thick to dispense, place container in warm water or warm towel until desired consistency is reached.

1000mg/syringe, 250mg Cannabidiol. 0% THC Content.

Purpose for Use
Neurological Disorders and Diseases, Chronic pain, Muscle Tension, Anxiety, Depression, Behavior Issues, Autism Therapy, Neurodegenerative Diseases

.05ml, twice a day. Increase as needed for desired effect.

100% filtered & decarboxylated high CBD hemp oil. CO2 extracted. No filters, no preservatives, solvents, or additives. Non-GMO. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers were used.

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